Effective Social Media Marketing Requires More Than Publishing New Content

Updated 17 April 2018


(and social media sites in general):

If you want results, you need to work for them. We are long past the good old days on Facebook when you can ‘post it and they will see it’.  While there are techniques you can use (and should) to get gain visibility in news feeds, it’s still a passive approach. What’s worse? No matter how:

  • Well you craft your post
  • Relevant it is to your fans
  • Timely your content is
  • Shareable you think your content is….

Having your posts seen in a news feed is a crapshoot!

You have NO control over it and you are doing way too much work and spending way too much time for an outcome with no reasonable guarantee for results.

In any other area of your business you’d never consider taking such a gamble so why do it on Facebook (or any social site as the concept applies for any feed driven platform)?

Let’s start with what happens when you stop being so passive:

Our TSO Media Facebook page from April 10th through April 16th (2018):

  • 5 posts
  • 23 page views and 3 page previews
  • Reach was 22.4%  {avg of reach on those 5 posts relative to the number of likes (reach/likes)}
  • Engagement rate was 20.7% {avg of engagement on those 5 posts relative to the avg reach (engagement/reach)}
  • 34 website views driven (pulled from Google Analytics) and none of the 5 pieces of content included content shared from or linked to this site.

Tactical Social Media Facebook Insights, 28 days through 16 April 2018

A few points to keep in mind:

  • No paid ads were run during this time.
  • Our content is written well and FAR too long according to most experts.
  • Our content is rarely on a trending topic or timely.
  • We do not care about what Facebook thinks is shareable.
  • What we post is based on the value it provides my fans or anyone stopping by my page.
  • We post at random times (we never pay attention to when fans are online per my insights). That means most of our posts are NOT likely being seen initially in news feeds (how reach is defined by Facebook).

What should you be doing?

Actively driving people to your page, not waiting around hoping they see a post in their feed!

Those viewers who actively seek out your page, are interested in your content. That real interest drives the engagement and, if you are following along, that engagement and interaction create the stories pushing your content into the news feeds of your fans.

Yes, a well-timed and perfectly crafted post will see some ‘organic’ reach, though, the real visibility comes from ‘manufacturing’ the reach through your activity:

  • Page views drive engagement.
  • Engagement ‘manufactures’ reach


Social networking.

You being active in the right places through your social interaction creates a want or curiosity in others to know more about you. This can be achieved by either networking as yourself (make sure there is a direct link from your personal profile to your Facebook page) or your brand page (why liking pages as your page is critical).

Plus, there is a side benefit to social networking… unexpected lead generation and web traffic!

Original publish date 15 April 2016

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