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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

Your brand is your single most valuable asset. 
It is more than simply a unique name, a pretty logo, and a color palette. 
It is your identity, your persona. 
– Your business name
– Your domain name 
– Developing your color palette
– The font you use
– Maintaining consistency with social URLs 
– A custom short domain 
– Registering and using a branded hashtag 

Brand Marketing Definition

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Effective brand marketing manages your branding, content, social media, and traditional marketing in a consistent manner to create that persona. Done correctly, your customers will see your brand as a living, breathing entity, It is this personification which allows relationships to form. It is these relationships which create life-long, loyal clients and customers.
Why? People do business with people, not brands. Establishing your persona shifts how your client sees you from a brand to a person.

How important are brand marketing and relationships?

We all willing choose to do business with brands we don’t know, like or trust. We willing stop to eat at a new restaurant instead of our favorite place and will shop at big box stores we swear we hate because they have a deal we simply cannot pass up. I am willing to bet you have worked with someone, joined a group or shopped at a store you did not entirely trust at some point…and by choice! 
And I am not wrong.
And if you did, or will, instead of going back to the place you have always used? Your clients and customers will too. So how do you prevent that? 

Establish a relationship. 

It is simply human nature. When we bond, when we establish relationships, we hold onto them. We know the routine. It is familiar. There is a history. Business relationships are no different. We continue to use the same vendors and still buy from the same stores. We know the bill will always be wrong. Yet we know how to handle it. 
Quite frankly, it is easier. It is easier to deal with the known than starting over.
When that relationship is perfect? When you are that brand which provides the stellar customer service, the fair pricing, and amazing service? Damn straight they will not leave. They have far too much to lose. we do.
And the quote? The reason everyone is wrong? Four missing words – ‘All things being equal“. 
“All things being equal people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”

Why Tactical Social Media?

Our team will work with you to create the elements for complete, consistent branding. 
We understand how to leverage content marketing and social media marketing to develop your voice and create your brand persona to build the relationships which create loyal customers and clients.
If you are first getting started or looking to rebrand, we have an amazing team to make that happen, aligned with what we do to set your brand apart.