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Social Media Marketing


Still struggling with whether to invest (your time and money) in social media? 

Consider that social media is one of, if not the most powerful, marketing tool at your disposal. It has the ability to:  

– Directly drive traffic to your website.
– Generate leads for email marketing campaigns
– Drive calls and walk-in traffic to your location.
– Earn backlinks to boost your SEO.
– Create referral traffic through those same backlinks.
– Increase direct traffic through brand awareness.
– Increase direct traffic through dark social.
– Improve Click Through Rates in search results.
And this does not begin to begin to factor in relationship capital and
the direct in-person referrals it can generate!
Social media marketing definition by Robert Nissenbaum
The content you publish, how it is published, how you drive traffic to that content matters. Done right, the results are significant and measurable. Done wrong, at best you are wasting time and money. At worst? There is this thing called your reputation – are you willing to risk it on an intern?
More so, it is not designed to be a ‘stand-alone’ activity. To create those significant results, social media MUST be part of your overall marketing strategy and structure. 
You need a firm who understands the role social media plays, the art and science behind it with the ability to measure those results and its direct relationship to your website, content marketing, and brand marketing
Tactical Social Media IS that firm.