Why bad writing can kill your brand/

Why Bad Content Kills Brands (and How to Avoid it)


Don’t write good? Get help!

 It doesn’t matter whether it’s on your website (page or blog post) or social media.  1. Bad copy destroys trust.2. Bad copy doesn’t make people take action.3. Bad copy doesn’t communicate your story4. Bad copy doesn’t keep them reading5. Bad copy doesn’t focus on the reader~ Neil Patel  Think you know the proper use of who, that and which?

And the use of think, but, almost, always, just, literally….. ouch! 

Bad content kills brands. If you're not a great writer, hire a professional.Click To Tweet 
When you do: Decide if you need a copywriter or content editor: 

  • An ‘About Me’ page, your story or a bio – Perfect for a skilled copywriter.
    (I highly recommend my friend Debra Jason)
  • Blog articles – You’re the subject matter expert. You write it. Hire an editor to polish it.

 Decide who to hire: 

  • Ask to see samples of their work and read it!
  • Find out how long they have been writing (experience counts).
  • Don’t be cheap….. 

It’s your brand image, reputation, and profits on the line. 

Why need for engagement on your blog content

Do You Want To Marry Me? Then I Need To Be Engaged!

No, I’m not looking to get married.  I’m trying to make a simple point.

Do you want your blog articles to show in a Google search?

(I know.  Stupid question.)

Like you asking for marriage, getting ranked in Google means you’re going to need that engagement.

Great, onsite optimized, well written, authoritative content is the cornerstone of SEO.  You must be credible, you must provide value. You must provide answers people are seeking.

It’s a must if you want to rank in searches.  And it’s not always enough.


'You must compel visitors to not only read your content but to also engage with it.' Click To Tweet~ Neil Patel 


Like driving ‘reach’ on Facebook…. Google MUST see your content as something others want to consume.


It requires interaction.
It requires sharing…. especially social sharing.


Google receives signals. They know if and how content is consumed. They know if people are moving through your site or if they are bouncing instantly.  Google wants to provide good content people want to read. Engagement in the form of comments (and moreseo interaction) is the best signal you can provide Google.


The first step to engagement? 

Working on the idea your content is something your audience has an interest in actually reading….. HOW you present the content matters. No one wants to listen to a drawn out speech delivered in a monotone voice.

Who wants to read dull, dry and boring content, even if what you have to say will change the world? No one!

And you simply cannot get engagement if no one reads your article.

Make it readable. Make it stand out. Make your audience want to consume it.

Then you focus on driving the engagement.


Is your content truly engaging?

Yes It is!!

I Could Use Some Help.