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What Sets Tactical Social Media Apart

Before you hire a social media marketing firm, you need to do some research. You need to “be able to tell the difference between a true social media expert and someone who is hoping to fake it until they make it.”


Our Philosophy:


People do business with people, not logos.* 

Adapted from Melonie Dodaro


To succeed in business, especially small business you must build relationships. Know, like and trust are no longer enough. Price, convenience, hours and other factors regularly trump know, like and trust. Relationships go a step deeper. The stronger your relationship with someone, the more likely you are to earn their business, their loyalty and their referrals.

Social media’s greatest value is in its ability to grow and nurture relationships. Successful use of social media for most businesses, requires understanding it’s about relationships and not your content. It requires understanding that your content is there to support your efforts. It serves to showcase your credibility and your authority.


To be successful, you need to play an active role in your social media efforts. You simply cannot turn it over to someone else.


You can work with an outside firm to manage your content, but being social, what 70% of your effort should be dedicated to, cannot be done by a third-party. Your brand’s persona, it’s character, is an extension of you. No one else can duplicate it nor should you want to build relationships with others through someone else. It’s not genuine.

Depending on why hire us, our role is to provide the advice and blueprint necessary for success, help implement that advice, and/or provide ongoing support and guidance while training you on how to get the maximum value from your social media efforts.

When you hire us, we become part of your team. We work with you, not for you. We believe it’s the only way to properly approach social media.


Our Holistic Approach


Built into our philosophy is the concept that social media is not an isolated part of your marketing, and especially your online marketing.


We look at your social media marketing efforts as part of your overall strategy. With core goals of social media being branding, lead generation and sales, this means looking at your website, email marketing and other more traditional avenues. We know if a key goal is web traffic and email sign ups,  the success of your campaign comes down to your overall branding, your website design and user experience, the processes you have in place to capture leads and your ability to convert those leads.

This holistic approach is why we offer website and SEO audits in addition to our social media audits.  It is why we partner with outstanding website development companies like Blue Steele Solutions and Sites Realized) and trusted graphic design firms like Fat Dog Creatives.


Our Experience:

Robert Nissenbaum has been using social media for business from the start. He has been active on LinkedIn and Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009 and joined Google+ and Pinterest by invite prior to their public launch.

With close to a decade of experience using social media to brand his own businesses, what he provides as a consultant, educator and speaker comes from personal experience, not simply what he has been taught or read.

His advice and techniques have been successfully applied to:

  • Service, product and idea based businesses.
  • Non-profit and for profit businesses.
  • B2C and B2B brands.

Specific processes will differ from one business types to another, but the underlying core of how social works is still the same.  Social media is about building relationships.

His experience building relationships on social media (having, engaged and influential profiles on each of the 6 major social networks between personal and business accounts) and more than 20 years of traditional networking experience, Robert is uniquely suited to help you with those efforts.


Social media is more than what We do. It’s a passion.


Our Knowledge:

Social media is more than just knowing when and how to post or how to engage. It plays a number of roles in your marketing arsenal. It’s part customer service tool, part lead generation, part SEO builder, part branding, part reputation management. You need a firm who understands each of these roles, how to effectively use social media to fill them and the tools necessary to get it done.

Robert has an extensive background and understanding of SEO, copywriting / editing and traditional marketing, a strong understanding of WordPress design, and has used (or is familiar with) many of the available social media tools. He is not only able to provide the best advice on how to use social media to grow your brand but also highly qualified to help you implement that advice.


How can we help with your social media?

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  1. Hi Robert,

    You’re exactly right. I’ll drive past a place I don’t know to go to a place I do know. And often, social media provides that extra something to make me feel comfortable with a business. I am much more likely to do business with someone I like.

    Nice post.


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