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Website, SEO & Social Media Audits

Why perform site and social audits?

Successful social media marketing programs require 3 things:

  • Knowing where you currently stand
  • Knowing your goals
  • Creating a plan to get there

Our Website, SEO  & Social Media Assessment and Analysis Audits will tell you exactly where you are today. They are designed to look at your online activity from a holistic approach, provide you details on what is working and what needs improvement.

Website Audit

Social media marketing must be seen as part of your entire online marketing effort, not an isolated activity. One of social media’s core roles is to drive web traffic. We want to make sure when your social activity sends visitors to your website, you can convert them. A poor or underperforming website will hurt your efforts, wasting your time and money. Each Assessment and Analysis Report starts with a full website audit.

A full website audit includes:

  • Site speed tests with recommendations for where to make improvements and how.
  • A broken links report.
  • A website security check.
  • Webmaster guidelines report and site architecture recommendations.
  • Your domain and page authority scores.
  • A content audit for known best practices and our recommendations.
  • and more

SEO Audit

Social media plays a significant role in search engine optimization. With our basic SEO audit you will know how your site is performing and what core improvements may be necessary. You’ll have a benchmark to see how well your social media marketing is helping your SEO.

Our SEO audits include:

  • A full SEO report scoring your site on a 100 point scale.
  • A backlink analysis.
  • A site wide keyword analysis and report.
  • and more

Social Media Audit

Successful social media marketing requires a solid infrastructure, content well written and with a purpose, accessibility and interaction. Our customized social audit will look at these four areas and more. We will let you know how well you are doing overall, what is working and what needs improvement.

We will provide:

  • A full social audit looking at each social site (up to 6 pages/profiles*) providing a score on a letter grade scale for each and an overall social score.
*Limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.