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How To Take Advantage Of Embedding With Blab’s New Tiny Player

Leveraging next shiny upgrade from Blab!

You now have a new way to embed your live Blab broadcasts on your website!! Perfect for catching any visitors who might not have even known about the broadcast.  Head to tinyplayer.blab.im, add your website URL and your Blab (Twitter) username. That’s it.

Yay. Awesome stuff. But what if there was a way to drive more web traffic or convert viewers?

There is!


Why not take embedding your Blab broadcasts to the next level?


Rather than using your home page URL, chose an internal page!

  • Use your most viewed, searched for page or post. Why not leverage the page which has the most sets of eyes on it already or longest time on page? That may be your home page but it could be a blog post, your contact page….


  • Use a related page. I run a number of social media training workshops. Why not schedule a Blab on the next class topic, embed the player on my event page (I already embed Eventbrite’s ticket purchase form to funnel registrations to my site, not theirs) and share that URL to watch the Blab?
    It’s perfect for workshops, speaking events, webinars, product demonstrations and online membership programs. (how else could you use it?)

Choose an internal page on your site to take advantage of Blab's Tiny Player embed feature to driving more traffic & conversions



Now I can get Blab viewers to my site and instantly convert them to attendees with no potential loss due to a redirect.










  • Create and use a specific page on your site just for your Blab Broadcasts. The above method may be ideal for converting viewers but it adds a layer of work. You’ll have to change the URL prior to each broadcast and make sure you inform everyone. A better solution would be to create a single page to embed all of your broadcasts.

    • Share one URL for all of your broadcasts (rather than the Blab link increasing web traffic).
    • You can update the page itself as necessary to change your CTA or other content
    • You can add an archive list to the page providing quick access to older broadcasts.


Embedding Blab broadcasts is not new.

Blab still has its regular embed feature. Much of the above can just as easily apply. The biggest difference – the Tiny Player adds the broadcast on top of the page without the need for copying and pasting HTML code. This makes it easier to add to home pages and change where the broadcast is embedded.

Having 2 options does add so more value though.

Leverage it for a little A/B testing. Maybe use the original method to embed the player to a page tied to the broadcast topic or dedicated page and add the Tiny Player to a popular page.


Let Me Know.

I haven’t started experimenting yet. New options fill my head with ideas on how to leverage them (like with Facebook’s reactions) even before I can try them out. If you’re using the original or have tried the new Tiny Player option, please give me your feedback and ideas.


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