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How to improve my SEO and search engine ranking by taking a common sense approach to SEO

What If Improving Your SEO & Search Ranking Was Simple?

A simpler approach to SEO I loathe how SEO is made out to be a complicated, non-understandable concept.  The way I see it, through its highly complicated algorithm, Google actually tries to recommend sources the same way you or I would. Google’s goal, like yours or mine when we’re asked for […]

#BeTactical: Start content monitoring! Not everyone will mention or tag you when sharing content. Without content monitoring, you'll miss valuable opportunities, @RNissenbaum, Speaker and consultant at Tactical Social Media

Why Haven’t You Started Content Monitoring?

Content Monitoring vs Brand Monitoring A few weeks back I published an article on LinkedIn (updated here last week) asking people to stop monitoring for brand mentions.  Clearly I don’t want you to stop.  You need to pay attention to what others are saying about you, when they’re saying it […]

#BeTactical: Are you too focused on brand mentions? via @RNissenbaum, Tactical Social Media

Stop Monitoring For Brand Mentions!

Too Focused On Brand Mentions? We’re so consumed with monitoring for brand mentions we forget it to focus on the bigger picture. Monitoring your brand for mentions is important.  Your brand reputation depends on it.  You need to know what others are saying about you and you need to know […]

#BeTactical: The Positive Review Request: Are you asking your customers to leave positive reviews?

The Positive Review Request

Are You Leaving That Positive Review to Chance? #BeTactical: Having a number of positive reviews won’t prevent a negative one, but it will minimize their impact.   In The Negative Review Reaction we suggested requesting a positive review from satisfied customers and clients. When we work with a client on reputation […]

#BeTactical: Why you need and how to to provide great customer service via social media, Tactical Social Media

The Customer Service Via Social Media Necessity

Customer Service Via Social Media We came across a very good article by +Brandwatch on this very topic we wanted to share (and highly recommend you give it a read: How to Provide Great Customer Service Via Social Media Why you should be offering social care Response time expectations:  Customers want answers right. […]

#BeTactical: The ReTweet Discreditation: Brand reputation management and monitoring by Tactical Social Media; Robert Nissenbaum, Greater Seattle Area

Are You Ruining Your Reputation By What You Share?

Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation Before you ReTweet, repin or share that content – READ IT! We should all aware by now that what we post online, especially public content, will live forever.  What you post can have profound, long-term effects on your brand reputation.  Even a single post, tweet or […]

#BeTactical: The Negative Review Reaction by Tactical Social Media: How to handle a negative review and protect your brand's reputation, Brand Reputation Management

The Negative Review Reaction

Guilty Of A Gut Reaction To A Negative Review? I’m going out on a ledge here, even willing to stand on the edge on one foot to say; every business makes a mistake once in a while. From minor to major offense, from customers to ex-friends and family, you might […]