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Is It OK to Regram? Should you Regram? Do you?

Stuck On If You Should ‘Regram’?

Should You ‘Regram’ using apps to share Instagram posts by others? Having one account under Tactical Social Media and another under me (with minimal overlap) there is an advantage to sharing my own content. From their own Terms of Service (the short version): “Post only your own photos and videos… Given this […]

Stuck On How To Make Instagram Work For You Instagram?

Questioning How To Make Instagram Work For You?

Making Instagram Work For Your Brand For many small businesses and solopreneurs, especially those in the business to business sector, finding value in or leveraging Instagram can be difficult. It’s been a challenge for me as well. Over the past 6 months in my quest to figure out how to […]

Should you be on Instagram

Should You Be Active In Using Instagram?

53 Percent of Instagram Users Follow Brands… A recent infographic (posted below, credit to adweek.com) by Global Web Index found  The natural first thought is it go full throttle and start making Instagram your new best friend based strictly on the infographic, but a word of caution is in order.   However, the results, […]

Instagram and Instwogram (Instagram Clone) apps on one smartphone; Tactical Social Media; #BeTactical

One Smartphone, Two Instagram Accounts

Dual Branding: Instagram and Instwogram Update: On 9 February 2016 Instagram updated their native app for iOS and Android to allow for switching between multiple accounts removing the primary need to use Instwogram (the original reason this post was written). I will still keep the app active as there are 2 […]

My Instagram strategy: Be social, Be personal, Be myself, Be fun and #BeTactical doing it!

Rethinking My Instagram Strategy

Rethinking My Own Instagram Strategy While being on every social media platform isn’t right for every business (I’ll leave that discussion for later), for us that isn’t necessarily an option.  If we’re going to advise client on how to leverage a platform, I’d better be active, engaged and building a following.  That can […]