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Effective social media marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing: If You Want Results Get Off Your Ass And Take An Active Approach

Updated 17 April 2018 THE SIMPLE TRUTH ABOUT FACEBOOK… (and social media sites in general): If you want results, you need to work for them. We are long past the good old days on Facebook when you can ‘post it and they will see it’.  While there are techniques you […]

Why You Need To Stop Asking For Facebook Likes

Why You Need To Stop Asking For Facebook Page Likes

Updated 16 January 2018 Those ‘likes’ you are getting? They are worthless. Worse, they could hurt your efforts. If you haven’t decided I am completely off my rocker and are still reading, I’ll explain why (and it might just make sense – and what if I am right?) Back when Facebook […]

Should You Like Your Own Facebook (Business) Posts- Tactical Social Media

Should You Like Your Own Facebook (Business) Posts?

Updated 26 November 2017 ‘Don’t like your own posts’ In a Social Media Today post in July of 2015 (what prompted the original version of this post), Sarah Snow stated as the number one thing you shouldn’t do on Facebook, “Don’t like your own posts”. Granted she was likely referring […]

Did your brand benefit from the latest Facebook algorithm change, Tactical Social Media; #BeTactical

Facebook Algorithm Change (2015): Did Your Brand Benefit?

The 2015 Facebook Algorithm Change Back in April, when Facebook updated its algorithm back in April (2015), rather than simply post what changed, I decided to break down what each change in the latest Facebook algorithm meant for brand pages. I stated at the time that “(f)or some brands, this latest Facebook […]

#BeTactical, Facebook Authorship 2015 by Robert Nissenbaum

Leveraging Facebook Authorship

Facebook Authorship UPDATED 21 Oct 2017: It seems Facebook has removed the  authorship tag from social shares as reported by Social Media Today.   A special shout out to Mike Allton who does a phenomenal job of explaining Facebook Authorship and how to set it up.  I had a chance to chat with […]

Why Organic Facebook Reach Doesn't Matter

Why Organic Facebook Reach Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to Facebook brand pages, every discussion tends to center on organic reach.  You stress over how low the numbers are, how the latest algorithm will affect that figure, what you can do to improve it….but have you stopped to consider that how good or bad your organic reach […]

The Latest Facebook Algorithm Change, April 2015: Facebook Organic Reach = (Quality Content + Post Timing) x Post Frequency + Engaged Fans; Tactical Social Media: a Tacoma Social Media Consulting Agency

The Latest Facebook Algorithm Change (April 2015)

Will (Did) Your Brand Benefit? Facebook gets some heavy criticism from brand and pages admins on algorithm changes.  What was a great tool to get visibility for just showing up and posting morphed into a “you need to work hard at it and maybe add a few of your hard-earned […]

Getting More Organic Reach From Your Facebook Posts: Why organic reach has dropped & how to craft your Facebook posts for better organic reach in 2015.

The Facebook Organic Reach Solution

Getting More Organic Reach From Your Facebook Posts Organic reach for Facebook brand pages is down.  Gone are the days of post and they will come.  It’s is one of the biggest social media frustrations I run into when talking with small business owners. I’ve been seeing a number of […]

#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook's Sharing Feature, Tactical Social Media, Greater Seattle / South Sound social media

The Facebook Brand Page Tagging Solution

#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook’s Sharing Feature One major disadvantage Facebook has when compared to Google+ is the inability of Brand Pages to interact with personal profiles.  Your brand cannot Like, follow, comment on or share personal posts.  They cannot, by default, tag individuals.  This severely limits a page’s ability […]