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Stop Worrying About SEO

Stop Worrying About SEO And Start Writing.

I found this article on writing SEO content by my colleague Timothy Hands to be a good read and on target with my thought process:

I loathe how it’s made out to be a complicated, non-understandable concept that allows others to overharge customers for work, that in many cases, is not necessary.


I firmly believe if you stop focusing on SEO, regularly write good content on a consistent basis providing answers to your customers questions, it will come naturally.


Granted there are some aspects of SEO which must be addressed at the time your site is built and others that should be looked at periodically, BUT if you take care of the basics as you add content to your site:

  • Adding metadata at the write lengthStart writing and stop worrying about SEO
  • Create good SEO title
  • Use image tags for all media


and pay attention to a few guidelines when you write:

  • Avoid intentional keyword stuffing
  • keep articles to 300+ words
  • Put some effort into sharing what you’ve written
  • Write consistently (even if that is only twice per month)
  • Write in a natural, conversational style (it doesn’t have to be textbook perfect and you’re trying to connect with the reader)


SEO does and will, over time, take care of itself.


I’ve used this approach for Tactical Social Media (as well as my previous business). Having never done keyword research for myself, I still rank well in SERPs for many high value terms (seems as I keep writing on social and SEO topics, those keywords naturally appear in my content and create site-wide density), others are finding and linking back to my content naturally and the quality and consistency of my content lead to my blog being syndicated. The result – a domain authority score of 21 for a brand and website that did not exist 11 months ago.

Is that the BEST option? Maybe not. For the small business owner, the solopreneur who is already buried under tasks and still needs to figure out how to consistently blog (not to mention be active on social sites) it’s a good one.  There’s only so much one can do. At some point, we need to consider the ‘diminishing returns’ factor.


At what point does the time, effort and stress of trying to consistently craft the perfect SEO optimized content outweigh the value received? At what point does trying lead to you simply NOT doing it at all?  


Stop worrying about SEO!

Stress less, write more. It may take more time to get there, but as they say, it’s the journey that matters. Better to be happy and enjoy the ride.


This post was adapted from my LinkedIn article on 19 November 2015.

9 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About SEO”

  1. I totally agree, Robert. I started out my business/blogging focused on sharing information on the topic of email newsletters/marketing for contractors. Today, that’s still my biggest source of search leads. Certainly, being a little thoughtful about the SEO terms you incorporate into your copy naturally helps, but it starts with the desire to share good, quality information.

    If you build it, they will come. 🙂

    1. Love hearing this Tess. The one thing I stress it is possible to build SEO after the fact. You can edit a post (keywords / content), update it later, share it to social, drive eyes to it, have Google re-index it, etc. If the copy isn’t compelling or doesn’t drive conversion, all of the SEO and web traffic won’t matter. Then then fix is a complete re-write.

  2. Great article Robert!

    It’s great that you’ve been able do so well by focusing on quality and letting SEO take care of itself. I think aiming for long tail keywords is a good idea for up and coming websites. However if you’re doing this naturally that’s even better.

    It’s great that you’re getting your content syndicated. Are you using rel=canonical to avoid duplicate content issues with google?

    More details here:


    1. Thank you Clement.

      I have found if your write enough over time on your chosen topic, you’ll naturally hit on those searched for long term keywords. Writing answers top specific questions will also naturally lead to those keywords being used. This article, even without focusing on ‘keywords’ naturally used them. As I write more, that word will increase in consistency over the site. Having a long tail keyword list and an idea of what content to write helps, but for the small business owner struggling, I like the concept of removing some of the work, especially when it can come naturally.

      I always require the rel=canonical link and use it here when reposting content of others (more of that to come).

  3. This is great advice—I think it’s easy for SEO to cripple your ability to write if you let it. I also love how you emphasize writing naturally. If you’re REALLY worried about SEO, you should be more concerned about keyword stuffing and unnatural phrasing than whether or not you’ve picked a decent keyword.

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