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Why bad writing can kill your brand/

Why Bad Content Kills Brands (and How to Avoid it)

WHY BAD WRITING CAN KILL YOUR BRAND Don’t write good? Get help!  It doesn’t matter whether it’s on your website (page or blog post) or social media.  1. Bad copy destroys trust.2. Bad copy doesn’t make people take action.3. Bad copy doesn’t communicate your story4. Bad copy doesn’t keep them reading5. […]

How you share content matters - It must serve purpose

If You Want Results, Think About HOW You Post And Share Content

how you post and share content matters If you listen to me long enough and you’ll know I am more focused on social networking and being engaged than creating content. I’ll keep saying it too….   Your content is designed to play a supporting role.   People do business with […]

How to improve my SEO and search engine ranking by taking a common sense approach to SEO

What If Improving Your SEO & Search Ranking Was Simple?

A simpler approach to SEO I loathe how SEO is made out to be a complicated, non-understandable concept.  The way I see it, through its highly complicated algorithm, Google actually tries to recommend sources the same way you or I would. Google’s goal, like yours or mine when we’re asked for […]

Start writing and stop worrying about SEO

Stop Worrying About SEO

Stop Worrying About SEO And Start Writing. I found this article on writing SEO content by my colleague Timothy Hands to be a good read and on target with my thought process: I loathe how it’s made out to be a complicated, non-understandable concept that allows others to overharge customers […]

#BeTactical: The Content Curation Strategy: Is content curation missing from your strategy? by Robert Nissenbaum, Tactical Social Media (image by Jeremy Karelsen Photography)

The Content Curation Strategy

The Value Behind Content Curation Content is king.  Whether for a blog post or social media channel, and regardless of the SEO effect, without regularly updated quality content, you’re providing no value.  Potential customers have no reason to return to your site.  No reason to return means not building a following […]

7 Ways to #BeTactical and leverage #Facebook to drive #blog views

The Blog Traffic Commute

7 Tips to Drive Blog Traffic From Facebook Social media has enormous potential to drive blog traffic.   How you post has a tremendous impact on whether you get those views.  The tips listed, while written with Facebook in mind, can be applied with a few tweaks to Google+ and […]