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Branding and Brand Marketing, Defined

Brand Marketing, defined I have been working for myself in some capacity since the mid 80s. Marketing and branding are not new to me. Then I get to college and the whole concept of marketing got technical and messy. Even the definition of marketing itself…   …is confusing as hell. […]

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The Evolution Of Our Branding

Updated 26 November 2017 THE EVOLUTION OF OUR BRANDING Your branding is critical. It helps identify you. It is the first step in an effective brand marketing campaign. Like you, however, your brand evolves. Your services, your focus… and as it evolves, so must your branding. As we have grown, […]

If you're not listening, do you know what you're missing? A lesson in reputation management and social listening from Smart Car USA

If You’re Not Listening, Do You Know What You’re Missing?

A Lesson In Reputation Management This has to be one of the more creative ways to leverage a negative slanted social media post in your favor.  What Smart USA did was nothing short of brilliant. What makes this such a great teaching tool, though, isn’t what they received as a […]

#BeTactical: The ReTweet Discreditation: Brand reputation management and monitoring by Tactical Social Media; Robert Nissenbaum, Greater Seattle Area

Are You Ruining Your Reputation By What You Share?

Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation Before you ReTweet, repin or share that content – READ IT! We should all aware by now that what we post online, especially public content, will live forever.  What you post can have profound, long-term effects on your brand reputation.  Even a single post, tweet or […]

#BeTactical: The Negative Review Reaction by Tactical Social Media: How to handle a negative review and protect your brand's reputation, Brand Reputation Management

The Negative Review Reaction

Guilty Of A Gut Reaction To A Negative Review? I’m going out on a ledge here, even willing to stand on the edge on one foot to say; every business makes a mistake once in a while. From minor to major offense, from customers to ex-friends and family, you might […]