Why the Hell was I Thrown into Facebook Jail?

A week ago I went to post a late night shot of my view of Gig Harbor on Facebook. After the 3rd attempt to post it to my personal profile failed, I figured it was my app, so it went on Instagram:

Night sky off the deck at Salmon Beach

I decided to try later in the evening to post it again, this time from my desktop. (Yes I would sort of be cross-posting, but every rule has an exception – or 3).

This time when it failed I found out why.

Facebook Jail!

The dreaded message that I had violated a community guideline popped up and I was barred from posting until October 31st. 

My first thought was my client accounts! 

Here’s the thing. If you are blocked from posting to your personal profile. You cannot post to your pages as the admin. Managing social media accounts for a number of clients, that was an instant moment of panic. I immediately tested to see whether I had the ability to publish to pages. I ran a test on my personal account and for TSO Media. I could. Surprised, but content my business wasn’t affected, my next thought was why I was in Facebook’s proverbial jail.

I was thrown in Facebook jail for using Facebook in an unusual way

With all of mine from the past week were still there and no other obvious reason, I let it go! 

The next couple of days I published content and scheduled a post or two as normal. Everything worked as expected.

Until it didn’t.

On the morning of the 30th, I had a few notifications that posts were not published as scheduled. Crap! I tried to manually publish them. No luck. The ‘lockout’ now included my access as the admin on pages. The good news was I had very little content scheduled (I generally don’t scheduled much – social media marketing should be fluid, natural, and organic. Core content gets scheduled. The rest, a few posts a couple of days out at most.) and I knew I could post again on Halloween (albeit near midnight).

The trick now was how would I post content which needed to be published? 

It is possible that having a 3rd party app like Hootsuite would allow posting (I couldn’t test it as I did not have it linked to Facebook preferring the native scheduling for what little I do). There is the concern though that since Hootsuite posts via access to a personal profile it could fail too. Fortunately I know a thing or two – and that there is a way to publish to Facebook within their own platform (well, sort of). Aside from two pieces of content, everything was posted as necessary. Problem solved!

The other two pieces of content? They serve as a perfect example as to why I work with select clients. We have a rapport built over time. A simple message to them that I had an issue posting and asked if they could manually publish the content.

There was still the mystery as to why I was banned. 

I wasn’t thinking much about it, but it was nagging at me in the back of my mind. Then a random thought. Ads!

Not as in creating them, but in blocking them. About a week ago my personal feed was flooded with them. More than 90% had no interest or relevance to me, in any way. None of my behavior on the platform or through online searches would have made Facebook’s algorithm think otherwise. As I saw them, I clicked ‘hide’. When you do, there is a prompt for why. ‘Irrelevant’ is an option and since Facebook’s algorithm is relevance based and they asked or feedback, I gave it. The next prompt allows you to ‘hide all’. Since there was no relevance and would never be, I did – for every one of them. 

I am guessing I hid and blocked future ads from at least 20 brands. To be fair, those for anything related to the outdoors (like REI and Klymit) and marketing, I left. They were relevant. 

With no content removed and never an issue in the past, this is the only thing that made any sense and for good reason. I was messing with Facebook’s revenue stream (even though I was technically helping them by telling them what was relevant to me better help their ad placement – a benefit for brands paying for ads).

Clearly blocking advertisers (even if completely irrelevant) in quantity counts as using Facebook in a way their systems consider unusual. Or inappropriate. Or against their community standards. 

And lands you in jail.

Damn irrelevant ads!

Why so many irrelevant ads?

Everyone gets a feed full of ads now and again. Most of those I speak with see a few every day. They are also quite relevant – or at least directly related to recent online activity. They vent about being stalked by Facebook (to be polite about it) and keep scrolling. 

I rarely saw ads. I am more surprised when I do. Then I get slammed – 20 to 30 over 2 days with one every few posts – and few relevant.


Unlike most, when it comes to my personal feed, I, share little from pages to my personal feed (that is left to my pages), and I 

  • share no memes
  • share little from pages (that is left to my pages)
  • share few external links
  • limit my interaction to only content which is highly relevant to me
  • avoid political content altogether
  • post nothing about sports (interact with very little too)
  • Post no content which references anything in the news or pop culture
  • have no likes, interests, sports, movies, books, etc listed in my profile
  • never click on sponsored links

When I post, it’s almost entirely original and about kayaking or pictures from my deck.

I am a nightmare user for Facebook. 

They have NO idea what is relevant to me. I may have seen fewer than a dozen ads in the past 6 months that are even close to relevant. Effectively, I am impossible to target by brands. I cannot be used to to boost their revenue. 

So, I suspect I get a barrage of ads to ‘test’ me or those brands opted for very broad categories where I do fit. 

Then I hide and block those ads. This was the third such time in 3 months. I guess they didn’t like it so much this time.  

Going forward, I’ll simply ignore the ads. (Of course this article is likely going to get me banned when I share it!)

It keeps me out of Facebook jail but hurts advertisers. They will see pointless impressions leading to lower conversion rates and Facebook will still have no clue as to how to target me. 

Of course all of this is just speculation. Maybe I was just the random winner of a ‘Who gets banned this week’ contest.

I do need to thank Facebook though. I still could comment and interact. Plus, they did provide a bypass for publishing content when you get thrown in jail. So in the end, the only ones deprived by absence where those wanting to see pictures from my deck.

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  1. U0999
    U0999 says:

    This may explain. I got thrown in jail 1st time for just simply browsing my newsfeed. Like you I have no political content or memes. my interests are cat rescue and woodworking and vacation rentals. Been shown strange ads. Now seemingly every time I do ANY action on FB such ad posting an original picture of snowfall on my Own profile, I get jail extended by one day ending on the time I posted. I think FB is officially off the rails. How can a photo of snow be against any standards, community or otherwise?

    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:

      I have heard some interesting stories. Aside from you making comments which bothered someone resulting in them reporting you, it makes no sense. Facebook may be off the rails, or it could be their algorithm picking up a word or phrase you are using. The only other thought is how much you are posting , but that doesn’t make sense either.

  2. Jocelyn
    Jocelyn says:

    A great reminder to all of us not to have all our business eggs in one basket. Especially baskets we don’t own and have control over. It was great you had the skills to finagle a way to post what you needed to. But had you had been one of those businesses that uses Facebook or another social media platform as their virtual business home base, it might have been another story.


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