#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook's Sharing Feature, Tactical Social Media, Greater Seattle / South Sound social media

#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook’s Sharing Feature

#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook's Sharing Feature, Tactical Social Media, Greater Seattle social media

One major disadvantage Facebook has when compared to Google+ is the inability of Brand Pages to interact with personal profiles.  Your brand cannot Like, follow, comment on or share personal posts.  They cannot, by default, tag individuals.  This severely limits a page’s ability to organically drive reach.  Rather than being able to ‘call out’ fans, page admins need to rely on the fan seeing the post in their feed (something we know Facebook is limiting) OR private message a fan and request they ‘check out’ the post.  Neither is a great option.

Tagging is still the best method.  When people are tagged in posts, notifications are prominent and generally result in engagement on some level. Those tags are the catalyst to large reach numbers.  Fortunately there are two methods you can use.

#BeTactical: Facebook brand pages can tagging individuals and other pages in images.

Image tagging:  If you use an image in your post you have the ability, as an admin, to tag friends and other pages within the image the same way you can on a personal status update.  It’s great for photos were the individual’s tagged are actually IN the photos.  Otherwise it does appear spammy.  The tags also appear at the end of the post so they’re less visible. Consider using  the method for event photos,  selfies taken in your place of business or any posted image featuring individuals.

The share:  Facebook allows you to post to your brand page as your brand page when using Facebook as yourself. This allows you to share content from another page, a friend’s or your own personal profile and from any other site using a share button.  The advantage here – when you share the post, the content you add in the body of the post is written by you and NOT your brand.  That allows tagging of individuals.  The big advantages with this method – the tags appear inline and it can be used with links, videos, images and text only posts!

The one big limitation is the inability to schedule shared posts natively.  You’ll need a third-party application if scheduling is a must.

#BeTactical: The share method for tagging individuals in page posts is a great way to share your own blog posts leveraging Facebook to drive blog traffic.

  • Locate the content you want to share
  • Select the option to post on a page you manage#BeTactical: How to share a post on your Facebook page for the purpose of tagging individuals
  • Select the page (if you manage multiple pages).  By default it will automatically post as the same page#BeTactical: How to share a post on your Facebook page for the purpose of tagging individuals by posting to your page as your page to drive reach and organic views.
  • Say something about this:  Enter your text tagging the desired individuals.

The brilliance in this method – not only is the individual tagged on your brand’s page in the post (serving as a that ‘reach’ catalyst), your brand’s post will also appear on their timeline. visible to their audience.  Any activity on the post on their wall will reflect on the post on your page.

#BeTactical: The power of tagging individuals in Facebook brand page posts

If you go to my personal page you can see the tagging benefit – this post appears in both there AND on Tactical Social Media’s brand page drastically increasing visibility and organic reach.  

The downside to tagging?  Tagging the wrong person can lead to the post being blocked as spam (and negative feedback) and/or result in losing fans.  Keep in mind there is a reason Facebook opted to prevent brand pages from tagging individuals.

#BeTactical in how you use tagging on Facebook pages.  

Use the feature to only tag those individuals you know have a true desire for the information you are posting and don’t over do it.  As noted above, and unless they have opted to review posts first, any post you tag an individual in will show on their profile.  The last thing you want in an effort to gain some organic reach is to upset a fan.

Are you getting the organic reach you want from your Facebook posts?  If you try tagging individuals I’d love to know your results.

I’d love your hear your thoughts.  You can comment below or you can find this discussion and comment on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook or simply Tweet your thoughts!

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