7 Ways to #BeTactical and leverage #Facebook to drive #blog views

7 Tips to Drive Blog Traffic From Facebook

Social media has enormous potential to drive blog traffic.   How you post has a tremendous impact on whether you get those views.  The tips listed, while written with Facebook in mind, can be applied with a few tweaks to Google+ and even LinkedIn.

The Blog Traffic Commute: 7 Ways to #BeTactical and leverage #Facebook to drive blog traffic

1.   A well written blog on a topic your fans have an interest in reading.

Let’s face it.  If no one wants to read your post, nothing below will matter (or work).  If you do get clicks, your bounce rate from a quick ‘abandon ship’ will hurt your SEO and does nothing for your authority or credibility.

2.     Grab their attention with a catchy title.

It doesn’t have to be the first line or title from your blog.  It could be a question or a quote from your blog.  Frankly it can be anything  that gets them to linger just long enough to read the post.  A small piece of advice though.  Don’t use typical “click baiting” phrases like “You have to read this.”  You’ll likely find those viewed as spam.

3.     Give them the highlights from your blog.

Now that you caught their attention, HOLD IT with the highlights, then the reason to click.  It may seem counter intuitive not to simply post a link to read your blog post but I’ve found the best way to drive blog traffic is to not actually force the click-through.  Give them the choice and enough of a taste of your message and they’re more apt to WANT more.  Write the post correctly and they WILL want more!  People use Facebook to stay in touch with friends.  They follow pages for businesses they frequent or like for specials, the entertainment and helpful information.  Forcing them to leave the platform is a turn off.

This tactic has some fringe benefits:

  1. #BeTactical: Bounce rates also tend to drop when users want to click rather than need to click.  They’re more apt to read additional content. That’s a win for our SEO.
  2. I have an opportunity to drive engagement on the post itself leading to greater reach and more opportunities to drive clicks.

Author’s Note: Personally I take this a step further.  I’ll occasionally write the content for our Facebook posts so there is no reason to click-through.  Yes, I do realize I’m writing about how to drive blog traffic and I’m telling you I structure posts that don’t lend to that goal.  There’s a tactical method to my madness though:

It’s my job to provide the compelling content to make the reader follow us, and more importantly, want to hire us.  Getting the reader to click-through when there is no need – that’s a win.  I know the content was a hit.  

Done right, your post can be a win-win-win.  It’s a risk/reward scenario.  Risk a few clicks now for the reward of more later.  “The Post Save Methodology” blog post generated great engagement on Facebook AND still drove a fair amount of blog traffic.

4.     Make it easy to click-through!

You’ve hooked them, now set it.  Rather than relying on  a small link to the post in your status update with an image,  use the Link-Share method by entering the link into the status.  It will pull a larger, ‘Full Bleed’ link image, along with the post title and a snippet.  Just make sure the image pulled from your blog is sized correctly.  (Facebook will pull the first image in the post OR the featured image if set.)

#BeTactical: Facebook suggests that the minimum image size be 560×292 pixels, but in order for it to work for everyone, it should be 1200×627 pixels. When posted, the entire image and text box will become a giant link that will point people to the respective website. – thenextweb.com

Better visibility and a giant link means more blog traffic.

Facebook is taking a closer look at how pages are sharing links, and they’ve found that users generally like to click on link-format posts because those give more information.

If the link does not pull the larger size image, when it does and the image does not display properly (I’ve seen this with longer vertical images optimized for Pinterest), or if the correct image doesn’t appear,  you have the option to upload another image without breaking the link.

The Blog Traffic Commute: #BeTactical How to change the image pulled with a shared link on a #Facebook post without breaking the link; Driving blog traffic

5.     Like and Comment!

When you like and comment on your own posts as yourself, that activity shows in the ticker.  This greatly increases your visibility, potentially driving more eyes to your page and the post.  The more connected you are, the greater the visibility of your post.  Take advantage of it.  If you have employees, make sure they are supporting your efforts (your business should always strive for teamwork) and make sure they like and comment as well.

#BeTactical: Comment on your #Facebook post as a potential client. Try to encourage more comments.  If appropriate, tag a friend.   

6.     Share it!

As with likes and comments above, sharing your business page posts to your personal wall is a phenomenal way leverage your network to drive exposure.  Just be smart and don’t overdo it.  Ideally, share posts that will have value to your friends.

#BeTactical: I created lists for my #Facebook friends. I’ll share posts strategically to lists. Keeps me from spamming my friends.

If you manage other pages or are a member of groups, you have additional opportunities to share your post there as well.  Just know the rules.

#BeTactical: Find the groups/communities your customers are involved in and JOIN! It’s a great way to connect personally.

7.     Boost it!

I am not a fan of paying for the sole purpose of engagement.  (I’d prefer you do that organically) but when we’re talking about driving clicks to your website or blog, Do It!

#BeTactical: Boosting a Facebook post with well thought out targeting is a very inexpensive way to drive large volumes of traffic.

The Blog Traffic Commute: #BeTactical: How to use Facebook to drive blog traffic

Does It Work?

This blog was about a week old when I pulled this report.  I’d say Facebook has driven more than it’s share of traffic.  When you factor in Google+ and Twitter it becomes quite clear how powerful social media is at driving blog traffic.

Your Turn

Are you leveraging Facebook to driving blog traffic?

I’d love your hear your thoughts.  You can comment below or you can find this discussion and comment on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook or simply Tweet your thoughts!

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  1. Clement Lim
    Clement Lim says:

    Great tips Robert.

    I agree with what you say about leading with catchy headline and following it with some enticing copy. I’ve been using this idea with some success on my social networks. My copywriting knowledge has come in handy, as what I’m basically doing is writing an ad.


  2. TPAUL
    TPAUL says:

    Thank you for this add. I’m 73 and I’m just learning about how to blog. I’ve been in business for over 50 years, in retail and wholesale businesses. Now I’m learning how to use Social Media. Can we use the social media and bloging on our mobile marketing? Thank YOU; TPAUL SMITH

    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:


      You’re Welcome. We want to make sure we get you the answer you need. Are you referring to using social media and blogging on a mobile platform or integrated into a mobile marketing campaign?



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