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Interact lead generation quizzes

A Better Way: How To Use Interact’s Lead Generation Quizzes

A BETTER WAY: HOW TO USE INTERACT’S LEAD GENERATION QUIZZES I have always been very anti-traditional marketing. I’m not self-promotional, I don’t buy into ‘reach’ or ‘audience size’ (it’s not about how many you reach, it’s about who you reach and smaller, highly targeted audiences are always best), I don’t […]

Facebook is Still Viable For B2B Lead Generation. Facebook might not be the best choice for your brand, but the decision as to whether it is shouldn't be based on the notion it can't or doesn't work for B2B firms.

Facebook Is Still Viable For Lead Generation (even for B2B)

Facebook Is Still A Viable For Lead Generation! Updated July, 7, 2016:   The original article below provides an excellent example of a Facebook post directly responsible for a lead.  To show this is not an isolated example, I caught (through social monitoring) a post I wrote and published for the […]