My Instagram strategy: Be social, Be personal, Be myself, Be fun and #BeTactical doing it!

Rethinking My Own Instagram Strategy

While being on every social media platform isn’t right for every business (I’ll leave that discussion for later), for us that isn’t necessarily an option.  If we’re going to advise a client on how to leverage a platform, I’d better be active, engaged and building a following.  That can be easier said than done.  Instagram, of all of the big platforms, has been our Achilles heel.


The Challenge

With original content being a critical part of Instagram, that adds to the challenge for many.  That was part of our own struggle – until I decided to approach things from a new angle.

While you can post to Instagram at any time, it was designed to be, well, instant.  Snap a picture, add a catchy phrase and a dozen or so hashtags (it seems that 11 is the magic number).  While the latter 2 are no problem, I’m not and have never been big on taking photos.  I’d rather be experiencing than stopping to document.

Yes, that means nothing to pull out and look back on later, but even with hundreds of old photos, it’s rare that I ever look at them (unless it’s to use for a post).  The memories are in my head.  It’s the experiences I value most and how I perceived them, not the photo.

I realize I’m not in the norm here but I suspect there are others like me.  All of this, of course, leads to an issue.  If I’m not taking images, how do I leverage Instagram?  Then add in the complication that, with Instagram being a visual channel like Pinterest, how do I leverage that for a business that has little visual impact?

I could upload images from my blog posts (and might very well in the future – Instagram has the ability, like any other social site to drive traffic) but that’s only one image type.  A good content strategy requires more than just one content source.  Let’s face it.  No one would follow Tactical Social Media (and those who did certainly wouldn’t engage) if that was all I posted.  Hence the need for a more tactical plan for my Instagram strategy.

I needed something that would provide me an incentive to stop and take pictures (I’m already doing that more in taking daily photos of my daughter – for her benefit later more than mine) and an idea of WHAT to photograph.

We all fall into the trap of posting all business all of the time.  Even if your content isn’t promotional, you’re likely posting too much advice, too much news and too little about YOU.

I’m often asked by clients, “How do I connect with people?  How do I get my personality to come through in my content? That’s simple.  Be personal.  (If you’re not sure how to accomplish this for your business or you need a plan for how to be social – yes, it seems to be an issue for some.)

My New Instagram Strategy

Unlike the rest of the Tactical Social Media social channels, which are geared to driving traffic and being informative with our social side filtered in, the Instagram page will predominantly be focused on the personal side.  I want to get back to what social media was originally about – being social.

Rather than focus on ‘business’ images, I plan to focus on who we are from family to travel, from our personal interests, likes, and desires to our community.  I’ll continue the #signs and #marketing posts but I will predominately be posting more personal content, (#OurSocialSide, #BeSocial) first and  business second.  I want to use it to get to better know our followers and for them to better know me/us. I’m excited and hope you’ll follow my new and improved Instagram channel.

What’s your Instagram strategy?  

Is it working for you?

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  1. tesswittler
    tesswittler says:

    Not feeling nearly as apprehensive about sharing some of my personal life as part of my biz life thanks to our conversation on this topic. You may even see a few more sweaty running photos as I try to integrate fitness as a part of my overall balanced life. 🙂 Thank you, Robert.

    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:

      That’s great to hear Tess. I look at it this way: You may be putting yourself out there but that’s softens your brand, it’s what others can connect with. It’s the stuff relationships and bonds are made from.

    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:

      Adam, I have a philosophy that businesses need to be on every social site (at least the big 6); not active, just there so Instagram was necessary. Social media is about building relationships and that can best be built by showing your social side and being more personal.

      Appreciate the comment about the site. It was originally designed crappy for a reason. Now time to fix that! It’s a work in progress for sure.


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