How you share content matters - It must serve purpose

If You Want Results, Think About HOW You Post And Share Content

how you post and share content matters

If you listen to me long enough and you’ll know I am more focused on social networking and being engaged than creating content. I’ll keep saying it too….


Your content is designed to play a supporting role.


People do business with people. They build relationships. They act on those relationships. When they choose to act is when your content matters. It is at that point they will read (or read again). It is at that point they will decide if, aside from having that relationship with you, they trust you are the right person or business to hire.

Content isn’t the most important thing…. what you post and more importantly, HOW you write, post or share content IS critical.

Your content MUST have a purpose

Your content MUST serve a purpose. It must help build relationships, must be authoritative and/or must drive action.Click To Tweet

Not every post needs to do all of it, and the best content will hit multiple points. If your content doesn’t hit on at least one of those points, you’re wasting your time posting it. PERIOD

I adore Rhonda over at Fat Dog Creatives. She’s a fantastic graphic designer and her process is incredible. She’s also a big proponent of me (yes, I have an ego).

She shared one of my Facebook posts about the value of engagement  to her business page. I immediately thanked her (as Tactical Social Media, though I could have as myself.) and as quickly as I did, I scolded her. Love that she shared it, hate that while it was good for me, it did nothing for her!

She already decided to share my content. She gave me something, so why not leverage it to truly nurture the relationship, to establish her own authority, drive some action and share a little bit of herself? She should use it further help herself.


Blindly posting or sharing content provides little value to YOU. Make what you post count for you AND your audience.Click To Tweet

How you create your post matters

How the share first appeared…..

How you post and share content matters

Here’s the edited version…..

How you post and share content matters if you want to see results

The difference?

She leveraged my content to help build her authority. She continues to nurture our relationship (more than simply sharing my content, she acknowledges she is learning from me – that ego thing again) and she is making it personal and herself more relatable to her clients.


The bonus… Rhonda will get some HUGE additional visibility:

*  She tagged me (with permission – do not ever tag a person in a business post without permission. It is rude and a relationship killer) placing her post on my timeline. Her brand was promoted to my personal network.And since I was tagged personally, I responded personally. That adds further reach.

*  She has real content that could be found later when someone uses Facebook’s search function (and trust me, they do!).


While I will continue to preach that content is less important than social engagement, there is no doubt content is vital. It’s not about how much content you post, how often or when.


It is about WHAT you post and HOW you post and share content that matters.

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  1. jpretorious
    jpretorious says:

    “People do business with people. They build relationships. They act on those relationships. When they choose to act is when your content matters.” So true! As much as I think content is key it’s the relationships that count. I love your example of how it works!

    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:

      Thank you Justine. Content is king, but it takes engagement to get it seen. It doesn’t matter if you are the best at what you do if no one knows. Creating visibility and building relationships does that.

  2. Carol Stephen
    Carol Stephen says:

    Hi Robert,

    You nailed it. People seem to think that if something isn’t working, they should broadcast MORE, and forget about the social aspect altogether. Posting less can get better results!

    Good one.

  3. Clement Lim
    Clement Lim says:

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for sharing this tactic. It’s so simple but it’s power is evident. It’s a great way of adding our voice to the conversation, even when we’re sharing the content of others.

    I’m interested that you say it’s rude to tag people without permission. Especially on twitter, I do it all the time, and others tag me too. Everyone seems happy.


    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:


      Twitter is a little different given the fact that all profiles are public. When it comes to Facebook, personal profiles are a little different. When a person is tagged on a business page, that page is effectively advertising to that person’s private audience. It’s rude to promote your wares to my audience without first asking.


  4. Sammy Blackmore
    Sammy Blackmore says:

    True. There are many social media pages that regularly share/post content everyday but fail to interact/engage with their followers.


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