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A Better Way: How To Use Interact’s Lead Generation Quizzes


I have always been very anti-traditional marketing. I’m not self-promotional, I don’t buy into ‘reach’ or ‘audience size’ (it’s not about how many you reach, it’s about who you reach and smaller, highly targeted audiences are always best), I don’t avoid controversy in my social media content and I dislike video (yeah, I know. I just won’t watch them, ever). The list goes on.  Then we get to email list building…and using it.

OK. Very clear here. Email list building ranks up there with video marketing – Marketing must-dos which I don’t. I have my reasons. (Worth asking if you catch me speaking at an event if you want a unique perspective on both topics.)

So why then, when approached to promote/market a lead generation tool designed for email list building would I agree? The simple answer…. my twisted marketing brain realized Interact is far more powerful than a simple list building tool.


What is Interact?

Those quizzes you see on websites and popping up in your social media stream? The ones you must take – ‘What is your spirit animal?’, ‘Plan a trip and we’ll guess your drink.”, ‘What would your stripper name be?” – Someone has to create them.


* Think up the questions
* Write a series of responses to each question.
* Create a series of outcomes
* Map the responses to each question to create an outcome.


Not to mention, writing the catchy headline and making it all look pretty and professional so people will take it.

Interact is the tool to build the quizzes. Yes, there are several out there and I have played with a few. Interact, though, wins hands down for me. It allowed me to create a highly customized, branded quiz, link it to my choice of email providers and share it with ease (via a direct link, social media and embedded on a WordPress website).


How I am using it.

The idea behind Interact and quizzes, in general, is email collection – build your email distribution list. However, that wasn’t my motivation for using Interact or the only way I would recommend it be used.

Quickly looking at the quiz building process, I realized I could use it to drive conversions in another way. Quizzes could be created as an information gathering tool for a buyer persona creation, blog content ideas…even to determine what content audiences want when hired to speak at an event or conference.


Driving real word conversions and ROI

I run a series of workshops and had been getting questions from others if attending my workshop “How to Publish the Perfect Blog Post” would be helpful. I decided to create a basic quiz to help answer that question. Once created, I post it in the event created on Facebook and several other places, as well as responding to messages with the link. I mapped the call to action for each result to the event sign up link.

How effective was it? (One of Interact’s best features is its internal analytics.) My conversion rate is 50%.

Thinking out loud, I could have created the event as a page here, mapped the result’s CTA to the page, and increased site traffic while getting access to Google Analytics tracking. This would have provided far more insight into the effectiveness of the quiz. I could have mapped different results to lead to my choice of pages or blog articles.


What if you used Interact’s lead generation quizzes to qualify clients?Click To Tweet

The perfect data collection tool


Beyond simple lead generation, Interact provides an ingenious way to learn more about your clients and customers.Click To Tweet



They allow you to create the perfect buyer persona (a quiz asking demographic based questions), steering your product or service offerings, even driving your content marketing strategy.

Those wonderful, internal analytics? They provide you with how each question was answered and how many answered it. The right questions and answer choices will provide incredible insight.

What if you created quizzes to learn more about client wants and needs? The data could be worth more than the actual email address!


Customer service/reputation management

What about a quiz designed as a customer service tool to elicit feedback? I can think of a number of ways to create follow up quizzes sent specifically to clients who have already provided an email address.  There are a dozen ideas spinning in my head as to how Interact’s quizzes can drive more positive online reviews.

Consider creating a quiz you would send to clients as a follow-up.


Are you seeing how much more powerful Interact can be beyond email address collection?


Email list building.

I may not be using these quizzes to increase subscriptions, however, quizzes are effective.  Even though I do not require an email address to find out your results my workshop quiz has a 10% conversion rate.

And that’s the neat thing about Interact. The ‘opt-in’. You do not have to force your reader to give up their email.

That means three things:


* The quiz has a better chance of converting. Force me to give you an email address and I could back out. Net result – lost data.
* You are getting only those who are interested in your product, service, brand, etc. Net result – a higher converting, more valuable list.
* Quizzes can be tailored to those whose email address you already received. Net result – increased marketing opportunities.


Interact’s software is far more than email list building.

It’s a simple to use and fully customizable lead generation and information gathering tool. It allows you to create professional, branded content which can easily be shared or integrated. Add in the great analytics and a host of other features and you have a marketing gem.

Cost – if you are seriously looking to drive conversions and leverage the full capabilities of Interact, invest in it and go for the Growth or Pro plan (it’s the only way to get the custom branding and full analytics – both critical).

If you would like to learn more, hit the link below. (full disclosure, I am compensated if you purchase Interact).

Once you have purchased Interact, if you would like help in creating quizzes, please let me know.

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