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Intelligence: Effective Use Of Google Analytics Finally Made Easy

Effective Google Analytics Finally Made Easy

Google Analytics is incredibly powerful and tragically flawed. Used correctly, it provides a decisive competitive advantage, pointing the way to measurably better websites and digital marketing.


Unfortunately, most website administrators only do a basic install and do not create events or goals necessary to generate meaningful reports. This produces a maze of vanity metrics which are relatively worthless. Any valuable data is rarely looked at and even more rarely, used to drive change. The incredible power of Google Analytics’ extended features sit idle waiting to be unleashed.

A new WordPress plugin is aimed at changing this.

Know the true impact of your website with the @LevelTen Google Analytics Intelligence plugin.

The Intelligence plugin (affiliate link) is designed to utilize Google Analytics full range of capabilities and in a way the end user easily understand and implement them. The goal is to empower people with a new level of insight to make better decisions and drive more impactful web experiences, content, and marketing.

Tracking valued interactions

Google Analytics only tells you when someone opens a page in a browser. Intelligence extends Google Analytics to track truly valued interactions. Standard Intelligence tells you if people actually read the content. It tracks if people share, comment or click on calls-to-actions. It automates conversion tracking like contact form submissions and newsletter signups.


With interactions known, Intelligence generates a score to reveal the effectiveness of practically anything you might want to evaluate: marketing channels, ads, social networks, posts, authors, topics, visitors, demographics, devices and more.

Leveraging valued interactions

To make sure the right data gets actually gets used by the right people, Intelligence integrates scorecards and comparison reports directly into WordPress. Content authors and editors can click on a link from their posts to view the impact of their work. Marketers can quickly validate which tactics are most effective. And of course, management can get updates on what is driving ROI in one place.

LevelTen Intelligence Google Analytics Reports

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