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The Content Curation Strategy

The Value Behind Content Curation Content is king.  Whether for a blog post or social media channel, and regardless of the SEO effect, without regularly updated quality content, you’re providing no value.  Potential customers have no reason to return to your site.  No reason to return means not building a following and little chance of turning […]

The Facebook Brand Page Tagging Solution

#BeTactical: Tagging by Exploiting Facebook’s Sharing Feature One major disadvantage Facebook has when compared to Google+ is the inability of Brand Pages to interact with personal profiles.  Your brand cannot Like, follow, comment on or share personal posts.  They cannot, by default, tag individuals.  This severely limits a page’s ability to organically drive reach.  Rather […]

The Post Save Methodology

A Post Save Method for Social Media Platforms This post originally appeared on The Archived Blog on 29 July 2014 as How To Save Any Social Media Post And Content for Later; Moving Beyond Facebook’s Save for Later. My Post Save Methodology Have you ever come across a post scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed you […]

The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol

I like LinkedIn messaging.  It’s a great networking tool and can be every bit as powerful as face to face networking opportunities both in group and one on one meetings.  LinkedIn offers the ability to showcase one’s expertise, create authority and build great business and personal relationships. Sadly, I’ve seen a shift over the past […]