7 changes to your favorite social media sites, Oct 2015

Big Changes To Your Favorite Social Media Sites

This article originally appeared as part of our newsletter series on 21 October 2015.


Verified Pages Verified Badge: Facebook rolls out page verification, 2015– This might be one of the biggest changes and it has been rolled out. Now you can verify your page in much the same way Twitter has verified accounts for celebrities and national brands.  That check mark adds credibility and can protect you from imposters.  You’re page is also likely to rank better in a search once verified.

To test the search option, I ran a quick test using an account that had never looked for a specific business (to avoid a skewed result). The search phrase was ‘Moore Sec’. While there were several that fit, the verified page showed first!

Verified Badge: Facebook rolls out page verification. Verification will protect your page from imposters and increase search rankings, 2015

How to set up verified status: Verified Badges

Reactions – Much has been discussed about a ‘Dislike’ button. The big concern for many of us in the biz was the negative effect such a button could have on page visibility if it was abused.  I’m quite happy that ‘reactions’ will be implemented. 

Facebook is testing 'Reactions' and we're not getting a 'dislike' button, 2015

Doodle – Facebook is updating photo sharing on mobile devices by allowing users to draw on, add filters and overlays in addition to stickers.  For more: Facebook adds Doodle.
Advertising Changes – Facebook is also opening up ‘Lead Ads’ to everyone and updating the Audience Metric for Insights.


Moments – Twitter  has made it easier to keep up with what’s happening.  For marketers looking to leverage trending topics, ‘Moments‘ can make finding content easier – not that the old way was difficult.
Twitter introduces 'Moments' making trending topics more visible, 2015
Character Counts – Twitter recently eliminated the 140 limit for Direct Messages (DMs). While it could still lead to ‘spam’ pitches, I love the ability to have an actual conversation now!  As a side note, please do not use Auto DMs. They’re not social and I’ve seen a few backfire.
The big change we may see:  Twitter could be removing the 140 character account from ALL tweets.

LinkedIn12 Changes Coming Soon To Your LinkedIn Groups, by Mindi Rosser of The Conversion Company 2015

Groups – LinkedIn has made 12 significant changes to groups. If you’re a group admin you will already have seen them.  My friend Mindi Rosser details these changes and your action steps quite beautifully – so much so her article was the first guest post published on the Tactical Social Media blog recently!
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