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7 changes to your favorite social media sites, Oct 2015

7 Recent Changes To Your Favorite Social Media Sites

Big Changes To Your Favorite Social Media Sites This article originally appeared as part of our newsletter series on 21 October 2015. Facebook Verified Pages – This might be one of the biggest changes and it has been rolled out. Now you can verify your page in much the same way Twitter has verified accounts […]

12 Changes Coming Soon To Your LinkedIn Groups, by Mindi Rosser of The Conversion Company 2015

12 Changes Coming Soon To Your LinkedIn Groups

By Mindi Rosser of The Conversion Company.  Her post originally appeared on LinkedIn. If you checked your LinkedIn groups this morning… …you noticed a message that looked like this: If you clicked the Learn more link, you’d find out that LinkedIn groups are being overhauled. These changes will begin taking […]

#BeTactical: The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol: While bulk LinkedIn messaging isn't always a negative, when you’re looking to strengthen the relationships you have already established, lumping me in with 20+ other ‘Robert’s in your contacts is certainly not a positive way to connect with me.

The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol

This post was originally published on 29 December 2014 on The Archived Blog.   I like LinkedIn messaging.  It’s a great networking tool and can be every bit as powerful as face to face networking opportunities both in group and one on one meetings.  LinkedIn offers the ability to showcase […]