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Want Results From Facebook? Stop Sitting On Your Ass!

The simple truth about Facebook

(and social media sites in general): If you want results, you need to work for them. We are long past the good old days on Facebook when you can ‘post it and they will see it’. There are techniques you can use to get feed visibility and it’s still a passive approach. What’s worse?


  • No matter how well you craft your post
  • No matter how relevant it is to your fans
  • No matter how timely your content is
  • No matter how shareable you think your content is….


Having your posts seen in a news feed is a crapshoot!


You have NO control over it!


You’re doing way too much work and spending way too much time for an outcome with no reasonable guarantee for results.


In any other area of your business you’d never consider taking such a gamble so why do it on Facebook (or any social site as the concept applies for any feed driven platform)?


Want results from your social media marketing efforts? Then get off your ass and make it happen!


Let’s start with what happens when you stop being so passive:


Tactical Social Medias Facebook page from March 18th and March 31st:

  • Reach was only 18% (based on total reach/fan base at the time, estimated)
  • Engagement rate was 20.7% (actions on posts/reach, actual) (pages under 1000 fans average 5.8%)
  • 6 new organic likes.
  • 28 website views driven (pulled from Google Analytics)


A few points to keep in mind:

  • I ran no paid ads during this time.
  • My content is written well and FAR too long according to most experts.
  • My content is rarely on a trending topic or timely.
  • I do not care about what Facebook thinks is shareable.
  • I post what I do based on the value it provides my fans or anyone stopping by my page.
  • I post at random times (I never pay attention to when fans are online per my insights). That means most of my posts are NOT likely being seen initially in news feeds (how reach is defined by Facebook).


The bonus? I am getting engagement and interaction on posts as much as several months old! Who says Pinterest has cornered the market on post half-life?


How do you get high engagement on Facebook without reach? 

By actively driving people to your page, not waiting around hoping they see a post in their feed! Those viewers who actively seek out your page, are interested in your content. That real interest drives the engagement and, if you are following along, that engagement and interaction creates the stories pushing your content into the news feeds of your fans. Yes, a well-timed and perfectly crafted post will see some ‘organic’ reach. The real visibility comes from ‘manufacturing’ the reach through your activity. My ‘reach’ comes from page views and engagement, NOT the other way around!


Driving people to my Facebook page creates my reach, NOT when or even what I posted!  


Stop sitting around waiting for someone to see your content. Drive them to it!

How? Social networking.  You being active in the right places through your social interaction creates a want or curiosity in others to know more about you. This can be achieved by either networking as yourself (make sure there is a direct link from your publicly viewable profile to your Facebook page) or your brand page. Plus, there is a side benefit to social networking… unexpected lead generation and web traffic!


Ready to get off your ass and drive results?



8 thoughts on “Want Results From Facebook? Stop Sitting On Your Ass!”

  1. Great reminder Robert. We need to engage to reap rewards on social media. The trick is working out where and how to engage to maximise our returns on our time.

  2. I love the title of this post. I think you’re right—it’s easy to sit back, post to your page, and hope for the best. It takes work to build an active, engaged community!

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