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Social Media

#BeTactical: The Save Post Methodology: How to save post from any social media platform by finding the URL.

The Post Save Methodology

A Post Save Method for Social Media Platforms This post originally appeared on The Archived Blog on 29 July 2014 as How To Save Any Social Media Post And Content for Later; Moving Beyond Facebook’s Save for Later. My Post Save Methodology Have you ever come across a post scrolling through your […]

#BeTactical: The Negative Review Reaction by Tactical Social Media: How to handle a negative review and protect your brand's reputation, Brand Reputation Management

The Negative Review Reaction

Guilty Of A Gut Reaction To A Negative Review? I’m going out on a ledge here, even willing to stand on the edge on one foot to say; every business makes a mistake once in a while. From minor to major offense, from customers to ex-friends and family, you might […]

#BeTactical: The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol: While bulk LinkedIn messaging isn't always a negative, when you’re looking to strengthen the relationships you have already established, lumping me in with 20+ other ‘Robert’s in your contacts is certainly not a positive way to connect with me.

The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol

This post was originally published on 29 December 2014 on The Archived Blog.   I like LinkedIn messaging.  It’s a great networking tool and can be every bit as powerful as face to face networking opportunities both in group and one on one meetings.  LinkedIn offers the ability to showcase […]