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Effective social media marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing: If You Want Results Get Off Your Ass And Take An Active Approach

Updated 17 April 2018 THE SIMPLE TRUTH ABOUT FACEBOOK… (and social media sites in general): If you want results, you need to work for them. We are long past the good old days on Facebook when you can ‘post it and they will see it’.  While there are techniques you […]

Why You Need To Stop Asking For Facebook Likes

Why You Need To Stop Asking For Facebook Page Likes

Updated 16 January 2018 Those ‘likes’ you are getting? They are worthless. Worse, they could hurt your efforts. If you haven’t decided I am completely off my rocker and are still reading, I’ll explain why (and it might just make sense – and what if I am right?) Back when Facebook […]

4 critical reasons why your brand MUST have presence on every major social media platform

4 Critical Reasons Why You MUST Have a Presence on Every Social Media Site

Updated 6 December 2017 4 Reasons You MUST Have A Presence On Every Social Media Site The first time I brought this up when speaking to a group of small business owners and solopreneurs their response is probably the same as yours right now:  Are you #%^*&^% kidding me? I don’t have […]

Should You Like Your Own Facebook (Business) Posts- Tactical Social Media

Should You Like Your Own Facebook (Business) Posts?

Updated 26 November 2017 ‘Don’t like your own posts’ In a Social Media Today post in July of 2015 (what prompted the original version of this post), Sarah Snow stated as the number one thing you shouldn’t do on Facebook, “Don’t like your own posts”. Granted she was likely referring […]

Brand marketing definition, Tactical Social Media, tsomedia., #tsomedia

Branding and Brand Marketing, Defined

Brand Marketing, defined I have been working for myself in some capacity since the mid 80s. Marketing and branding are not new to me. Then I get to college and the whole concept of marketing got technical and messy. Even the definition of marketing itself…   …is confusing as hell. […]

Why You Need To Publish Less and Engage More on Social Media

Why You Need To Publish Less and Engage More on Social Media

Updated 23 November 2017 Spend less time publishing content! Consulting clients and those who have had an opportunity to hear me speak know I am far less concerned about consistency in posting new content to pages and profiles than I am with being consistently engaged. Publishing new content is vital. Done […]

Why bad writing can kill your brand/

Why Bad Content Kills Brands (and How to Avoid it)

WHY BAD WRITING CAN KILL YOUR BRAND Don’t write good? Get help!  It doesn’t matter whether it’s on your website (page or blog post) or social media.  1. Bad copy destroys trust.2. Bad copy doesn’t make people take action.3. Bad copy doesn’t communicate your story4. Bad copy doesn’t keep them reading5. […]

How you share content matters - It must serve purpose

If You Want Results, Think About HOW You Post And Share Content

how you post and share content matters If you listen to me long enough and you’ll know I am more focused on social networking and being engaged than creating content. I’ll keep saying it too….   Your content is designed to play a supporting role.   People do business with […]

Should You Be Marketing On Pokemon Go?

Should You Be Marketing On Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go or Not To Go? UPDATED (29 Sept 2016): Adam Fout was kind enough to provide an update on the game and its marketing value in a great comment below (read it!). A few of the highlights from his comment: The game lost roughly 15 million users (of 45 […]

Driving web traffic through social networking

Why You Need To Spend More Time On Social Networking

  What if you could spend less time writing content and still drive web traffic and generate leads? Oh. Wait. You can….and I do! Social Networking: Lead Generation Without Content   I spend the majority of my time actively networking, not posting and sitting on my ass hoping my content […]

How To Take Advantage Of Embedding With Blab’s New Tiny Player

Leveraging next shiny upgrade from Blab! You now have a new way to embed your live Blab broadcasts on your website!! Perfect for catching any visitors who might not have even known about the broadcast.  Head to tinyplayer.blab.im, add your website URL and your Blab (Twitter) username. That’s it. Yay. Awesome […]

How to Get More Engagement with Facebook's Reactions

How To Use Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ To Drive More Interaction

Driving Interaction From Your Reactions When Facebook’s reactions showed up last week, there was the typical banter as to who likes them and who doesn’t. Me, as with most new features or updates, it’s never about liking or disliking them. It’s about figuring out how to use them. And, as it […]

Business is built on relationships. Small business is built on personal relationships. Social media's greatest value is in it's ability to build and foster relationships.

Small Business Is Built On Personal Relationships

Business Is Built On Relationships. I’m old enough to remember all it took to close and honor a business deal was a handshake.  There was an unmistakable level of trust. Yes, there was an unwritten code that you honored your word and would not enter into an agreement you couldn’t […]

Are your social media posts seeing little to no engagement? It may not matter!

No Engagement On Your Social Media Posts? So What?

No Engagement On Your Posts? Who Cares! One of the challenges for small brands on social media is simply getting engagement.  We stress over writing and posting good content our readers want at the perfect time only to find it doesn’t get seen or worse – it does – and still […]