Stop asking me to like your Facebook page, In fact, stop asking everyone. Those likes? They’re worthless. Worse, they could actual hurt your efforts.

Stop Asking Me To Like Your Facebook Page

In fact, stop asking everyone. Those ‘likes’ […]

How you share content matters - It must serve purpose
Are you listening to the so-called social media experts preaching content first? Stop and ask yourself If you are getting results. No? Then I suggest you post less and engage more.
Should You Be Marketing On Pokemon Go?

Should You Be Marketing On Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go or Not To Go? UPDATED […]

How to improve my SEO and search engine ranking by taking a common sense approach to SEO

Do You Want To Improve Your SEO & Search Ranking?

A simpler approach to SEO I loathe how […]

Driving web traffic through social networking
Want Results From Facebook? Stop Sitting On Your Ass!

Want Results From Facebook? Stop Sitting On Your Ass!

The simple truth about Facebook (and social media […]

How to Get More Engagement with Facebook's Reactions

How To Use Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ To Get More Engagement

Driving Interaction From Your Reactions When Facebook’s reactions […]

Rethinking use of the automated direct message for Twitter
Whether you’re in the medical or recreational marijuana segment of the cannabis industry, social media compliance is vital. You need to protect to protect your cannabis brand.

Is Your Cannabis Brand At Risk On Social Media?

Cannabis And Social Media Compliance I’m a firm […]

Business is built on relationships. Small business is built on personal relationships. Social media's greatest value is in it's ability to build and foster relationships.

Small Business Is Built On Personal Relationships

Business Is Built On Relationships. I’m old […]

The 140 Character Limit: I’m Not Ready to Kiss It Goodbye

Goodbye To Twitter’s 140 Character Limit…   UPDATE […]

Are your social media posts seeing little to no engagement? It may not matter!

No Engagement On Your Social Media Posts? So What?

No Engagement On Your Posts? Who Cares! One […]

Is It OK to Regram? Should you Regram? Do you?

Stuck On If You Should ‘Regram’?

Should You ‘Regram’ using apps to share Instagram […]