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Are your social media posts seeing little to no engagement? It may not matter!

No Engagement On Your Social Media Posts? So What?

No Engagement On Your Posts? Who Cares! One of the challenges for small brands on social media is simply getting engagement.  We stress over writing and posting good content our readers want at the perfect time only to find it doesn’t get seen or worse – it does – and still […]

Is It OK to Regram? Should you Regram? Do you?

Stuck On If You Should ‘Regram’?

Should You ‘Regram’ using apps to share Instagram posts by others? Having one account under Tactical Social Media and another under me (with minimal overlap) there is an advantage to sharing my own content. From their own Terms of Service (the short version): “Post only your own photos and videos… Given this […]

Stuck On How To Make Instagram Work For You Instagram?

Questioning How To Make Instagram Work For You?

Making Instagram Work For Your Brand For many small businesses and solopreneurs, especially those in the business to business sector, finding value in or leveraging Instagram can be difficult. It’s been a challenge for me as well. Over the past 6 months in my quest to figure out how to […]

Why You Need A Presence On Every Social Site

Ignore The Experts: You Need A Presence On Every Social Site

I get the concept preached by most social media experts. It makes sense to be where your audience is when it comes to choosing which social platforms to use, but it is wrong. It fails to account for so much more. I don’t care if your target audience is only […]

7 changes to your favorite social media sites, Oct 2015

7 Recent Changes To Your Favorite Social Media Sites

Big Changes To Your Favorite Social Media Sites This article originally appeared as part of our newsletter series on 21 October 2015. Facebook Verified Pages – This might be one of the biggest changes and it has been rolled out. Now you can verify your page in much the same way Twitter has verified accounts […]

There are 2 parts to social media: Social AND Media. Your content is only PART of the equation. Social + Media = Success; Tactical Social Media Agency, Tacoma: #BeTactical

Social + Media = Success

There are 2 parts to social media: Social and Media. Less broadcasting, more engagement. If you’re not doing both, success will be limited. Are you doing both or just broadcasting? #BeTactical

12 Changes Coming Soon To Your LinkedIn Groups, by Mindi Rosser of The Conversion Company 2015

12 Changes Coming Soon To Your LinkedIn Groups

By Mindi Rosser of The Conversion Company.  Her post originally appeared on LinkedIn. If you checked your LinkedIn groups this morning… …you noticed a message that looked like this: If you clicked the Learn more link, you’d find out that LinkedIn groups are being overhauled. These changes will begin taking […]

Should you be on Instagram

Should You Be Active In Using Instagram?

53 Percent of Instagram Users Follow Brands… A recent infographic (posted below, credit to adweek.com) by Global Web Index found  The natural first thought is it go full throttle and start making Instagram your new best friend based strictly on the infographic, but a word of caution is in order.   However, the results, […]

Maybe It Should Be Called Unsocial Media #BeTactical

Maybe It Should Be Called ‘Unsocial Media’

Maybe We Should Call It “Unsocial Media” Too often people using social media as a tool to build an audience to pitch or as a broadcast platform rather than as a relationship tool.  Social media is a powerful tool when used right….but it takes time (sometimes lots of it) to […]

How much 'Fun' you're having might be the best measure of ROI for your social media efforts.

Are You Doing Social Well?

Measuring The Effectiveness Of Social Media… ….is not and will never be easy. Determining how your time or financial investment is paying off isn’t black and white.  Short of a sale where you’re informed you were found on a social site or a social media post prompted the sale or […]

If you're not listening, do you know what you're missing? A lesson in reputation management and social listening from Smart Car USA

If You’re Not Listening, Do You Know What You’re Missing?

A Lesson In Reputation Management This has to be one of the more creative ways to leverage a negative slanted social media post to your favor.  What Smart USA did was nothing short of brilliant. What makes this such a great teaching tool, though, isn’t what they received as a […]

Are you missing out on driving traffic to your website by not using Twitter? #BeTactical

Are You Missing Out Not Using Twitter?

Are You Missing Out On Web Traffic By Not Using Twitter? While Twitter is one of the best social channels a small business owner can leverage, far too many I speak with want little to do with it.  That’s an absolute shame. When I look at the effectiveness of a social […]

Should You Turn off Facebook's Messaging Feature #TOFMF

Should You Turn off Facebook’s Messaging Feature?

Why I don’t use Facebook’s messaging feature on my pages. A few days back I caught an article by Post Planner on the why they removed the ability for fans to privately message them directly from their Facebook business page.  The reason the article intrigued me – I had just […]

Instagram and Instwogram (Instagram Clone) apps on one smartphone; Tactical Social Media; #BeTactical

One Smartphone, Two Instagram Accounts

Dual Branding: Instagram and Instwogram Update: On 9 February 2016 Instagram updated their native app for iOS and Android to allow for switching between multiple accounts removing the primary need to use Instwogram (the original reason this post was written). I will still keep the app active as there are 2 […]

Facebook is Still Viable For B2B Lead Generation. Facebook might not be the best choice for your brand, but the decision as to whether it is shouldn't be based on the notion it can't or doesn't work for B2B firms.

Facebook Is Still Viable For Lead Generation (even for B2B)

Facebook Is Still A Viable For Lead Generation! Updated July, 7, 2016:   The original article below provides an excellent example of a Facebook post directly responsible for a lead.  To show this is not an isolated example, I caught (through social monitoring) a post I wrote and published for the […]