Ready to See Actual Results From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Core Focus





We work with you to create a blueprint for a successful social media marketing campaign, assist with tools and automation to make it happen and the ongoing support to keep you on track and accountable

Social Profile Branding

A successful social media marketing campaign requires a solid foundation. That starts with properly designed and branded social profiles and pages. Can you be found? What image are you portraying when you are found? Is it professional? Does it show credibility and authority?

Copy Editing & Copywriting

What you say is important, but how you say it determines if the message is heard and drives action. Does your content speak to your audience? Does it connote trust and authority? Our role is to craft your message to be on point, heard and generate the desired action.

Website & SEO Audits

Your website should be the hub of your social media marketing efforts. One core role of social marketing is driving web traffic. A poorly designed website won't convert. We make sure your social efforts are not wasted by providing a detailed audit of your website and designing a blueprint for your SEO strategy.

Social Audits

A professional audit of your social media marketing efforts, profiles and pages will tell you what is working, what isn't and what could use some improvement (or should be left alone!). Knowing where you stand relative to where you want to go is the only way to assess how to get there and if you need help.

ROI Measurement

Wouldn't it be nice to know your time and effort are well spent with an actual dollar value? Tracking the ROI from your social media marketing campaigns is not always simple or straightforward, but there are methods. We can show you what you should be monitoring and put systems in place to help track your return.

Social Media Workshops

Much of what we do isn't difficult. In fact, any small business owner or solopreneur can do much of it on their own. We provide that training in the form of hands-on workshops. These workshops can even be tailored to or created specifically for your business, group or organization and delivered anywhere.

Social Media Made Simple

We are building an online, membership based reference library of training videos ranging from just a few minutes on how to perform a specific function to online webinars and classes based on our social media workshops.

Social Media Presenter

If you are looking for a dynamic social media & keynote speaker, Robert Nissenbaum provides common sense, practical and actionable social media advice based on almost a decade or personal experience.

Our Philosophy

To be successful, you need to play an active role in your social media efforts. You simply cannot turn it over to someone else. Being social, what 70% of your effort should be dedicated to, cannot be done by a third-party. Your brand’s persona, it’s character, is an extension of you. No one else can duplicate it nor should you want to build relationships with others through someone else. It’s not genuine.

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Our Experience

Robert Nissenbaum has been using social media for business from the start, using LinkedIn and Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009 and joined Google+ and Pinterest by invite prior to their public launch. With close to a decade of experience using social media to brand his businesses, what he provides as a consultant, educator and speaker comes from personal experience.

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Our Knowledge

Social media is more than just knowing when and how to post or how to engage. It plays a number of roles in your marketing arsenal. It’s part customer service tool, part lead generation, part SEO builder, part branding, part reputation management. You need a firm who understands each of these roles, how to effectively use social media to fill them and the tools necessary to get it done.

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